Your Days of Struggling to Write High Converting Emails, Sales Letters, and Video Sales Letters are Over.
Using ScriptDoll to Create Sales Copy for my Funnel Resulted in
a 19% conversion rate and over 997 Units Sold in just 5 days.
Chris Beatty
Online Entrepreneur
With ScriptDoll, You'll
Write Your Entire Funnel Copy 
in a Few Minutes
(Watch Below for A Quick Demo of the Amazing ScriptDoll Copy Engine)
What Can ScriptDoll Do?
Create "Ready to Record"
Video Sales Letters
Answer a few questions about your product and then you can choose from several different VSL Scripts for ScriptDoll to write your Video Sales Letter from. 

You can then use the "Export to Powerpoint" feature and ScriptDoll will give you a "ready to record" Presentation so that all you have to do is hit record and read from your slides.  This will save you hours of time in the sales presentation creation process.

Create High-Converting
Long Form Sales Letters
There is no other type of copy on the internet that has converted better or sold more products than the long form sales letter.

The problem is long form sales letters are incredibly difficult to write. Hours of planning and hours of writing are just the beginning of creating these monsters.

ScriptDoll slashes the writing time by 75% or more. 

All you need to do is fill in a few fields that tell the ScriptDoll Engine a little about your product and then ScriptDoll does the heavy lifting for you. Even Seasoned Copywriters love ScriptDoll because it saves them hours of time in prep and formatting and helps them get down to the important parts of writing their sales copy (Identifying the Audience and Describing the product.) 
Create Email Marketing Campaigns
for Before and After Your Launch
Email marketing is powerful and can make or break a business. The problem is that it takes time to write all the emails that you need to power a successful marketing campaign.

But what would happen if you could write an entire email campaign with the touch of a few buttons? With ScriptDoll you can.

ScriptDoll helps you write small campaigns (5-10 emails) to Monster Endeavors (30-60 emails) that you can use to sell your product over the span of months/years. All at the touch of a few buttons.

And there's Even More inside of ScriptDoll...
You can also generate sales copy for your squeeze/optin pages, create coordinated press releases, Amazon and Ecommerce Listings and a whole lot more.

ScriptDoll literally gets better every day due to our tireless copywriting and content team (The Human Element behind why ScriptDoll works so well)
How Would Having Your VSL, Sales Letter, & Email Campaigns
Written in 20 Minutes Change Your Business?

Mike Cooch
Entrepreneur and Marketer
Donald Wilson
Facebook Marketing Expert
Check Out Some Samples of What ScriptDoll Can Create for You
A Sample Email Marketing Campaign
(Just Plug This into Your Autoresponer)
A Sample Sales Letter  
(Use this in a Page Builder or Send it to a Designer)
A Sample Video Sales Letter Script
(ScriptDoll Exports to Powerpoint and You Hit Record)
With ScriptDoll,  You Can Create all 3  Pieces of Copy
with Every Detail of YOUR Product in 20 Minutes

and You Can Go Back Every Month and Do It Again 
when Your Copy Needs to Change

 Check out what these Amazing Entreprenuers say about ScriptDoll
Sean Donahoe
Internet Marketer and Entrepreneur
Mike Thomas
Affiliate Marketing Expert
Nick Garcia
Full Time Copywriter
David Schloss
Online Advertising Expert
What You Get as a ScriptDoll Subscriber:
  • Access to the ScriptDoll Sales Message Engine - Writing Amazing Sales Copy, Emails, VSL Scripts is not an easy task. But What if you could fill out a few fields and then write all of them at the touch of a button? ScriptDoll makes that possible. Writing Sales Messages for your Business will never be the same. You'll save time and money and your conversion will skyrocket when you use our built in templates.
  • Portable Profiles - Anytime you create a new customer/product profile it saves to the ScriptDoll system. This information is portable and can be used with any of the templates. This means you can use ScriptDoll to write a Sales Letter and then instantly port that information over to write an email campaign to go with it. All at the touch of a button. This means you can write an infinite amount of sales messages with limited work.
  • New Templates Added Regularly - You'll Be Blown away by the Built in templates when you log in, but even more blown away by the additions that we make to the ScriptDoll Sales Message Engine as the months go on. With every Addition the Software gets even more powerful. The best part is that you can save your previous information, and when a new template gets added, you can touch a button and write a new sales message (Sales Letter, VSL, ASL, Email Campaign, and more). 
  • New Profiles Added Regularly - The ScriptDoll Team monitors what is going on in the marketing world and we actually add new customer/product profiles as new products and markets emerge. By doing this we save you even more time. You can "clone" those profiles and edit them to fit your product in the niche. The best part... We Take Requests too!
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